additive manufacturing

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We are happy to support you from planning, designing, material selection and share our experience.

With our 3D printing service we can produce your functional component, prototype or small series in the quality you require at an agreed fixed price, which can be calculated after you send us your 3D file.

3D print

The production of complex component structures by FDM (fused depositing material) machines offer almost infinite possibilities in shaping and integration of various functions in one part.

With our printers we can produce parts up to a size of 305x305x605mm, when using the dual extruder the maximum size is 285x305x605mm.

With the high temperature printer for high performance plastics a maximum part size of 260x260x260mm is possible.


We process the entire spectrum of plastic filaments with our 3D printers. Due to the continuous new development of filaments and the enormous product variety, we just name a few material examples:

In addition to the most well-known thermoplastics such as PLA or ABS, we also process ASA, PETG, PC, Carbon, PA(also known as Nylon) also available with carbon or glass fiber reinforcement or flexible materials such as TPU in various shore hardnesses, and many more.


metal replacement with special plastic

With our professional high temperature extruder we produce plastic parts with properties similar to aluminum or metal.

Such plastics are e.g. PEI(Ultem), PSU, PEEK, whose different properties range from flame retardant to electrically conductive(ESD), heavy duty, high temperature resistant, and so on.

These high-performance filaments have, among other things, approvals for use on railways as well as in the aerospace industry.

mechanical electrical resolution